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Tennis 360 is a one stop destination for everything you are looking for in the world of tennis. Here at Tennis 360, we promise you a time efficient and a hassle-free experience while you look for anything and everything to enhance your Tennis expertise.

Also, at Tennis 360, we strive for improving the standard of the game and inculcate the spirit of the game to young kids and adults.

We take note of best practices, evolve and continuously work for identifying various tricks and skills for imparting knowledge to the players and to use them practically during the game.

Here at Tennis 360, numerous tournaments are conducted every day. The tournaments are conducted for all categories and the players can register for these tournament events. Therefore, Tennis 360 provides a platform for every player to play more tournaments and thereby leading to the road of every player's dreams of becoming a Grand Slam Champion.

In addition, Tennis 360 is an opportunistic platform for players to avail sponsorship from various sponsors. Players with key skills are brought in contact with the sponsors for enabling the player to participate in various international tournaments and evolve as a great tennis icon for the country.

Our Vision +

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide top class facilities and give support for every aspiring tennis player.

Tennis 360 helps in connecting aspiring players to top notch coaches in and around Bangalore and country as well. We also conduct many tournaments in and around Bangalore for player to gain experience and excel in his/her performance. We at tennis 360 also do skill recognition and provide sponsorship for deserving players to realize their dreams.

We at Tennis 360 aim at producing top notch tennis players to the country.

Our Mission +

Our Mission

Tennis 360 is an exciting platform for all aspiring Tennis players in the country to excel in the Game. We provide top class coaching, Tennis academy, skills, expertise, high class amenities, sponsorship and merchandise. All your Tennis needs are catered here at Tennis 360.

Staff at Tennis 360 are excited to give their 100%, to mold the players and to provide all the required support for aspiring individuals. We have top notch coaches who are excited to engrave their vast knowledge and experience to the players and hence creating top class players for the country.