Tennis for life

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Web Developer for maintenance and security +

Web Developer for maintenance and security

Looking for person who can maintain the current website and its security. Also help in the further development of site and maintenance. Qualification: B.E Computer science/Electronics/IT/IS with basic web design and development knowledge and skill. Experience should be atleast 2+ years.


Rs. 20,000/- Inclusive of Tax.
Tournament Director +

Tournament Director

Looking for a person with basic Tennis knowledge with rules and Regulation of it. Should have Organized tournaments before (records of any tournaments organized before produced will be a plus point). Should have good English communication and people skill. Qualification: Any Degree with Sports Knowledge and tournament organizing management skill.


Rs. 15,000/- Inclusive of Tax.
Tournament Rferee +

Tournament Rferee

Looking for a Tennis Professional who has played tennis and has done Level 1 National Officiating course. Should have done a minimum of 10 tournaments atleast with 5 of them being National Level Events. Should Know all the basic rules of AITA and ITF Tennis. Should have good English Communication and people Skill.


Rs. 10,000/-.
Social media and marketing +

Social media and marketing

Should be an active Social media user and should be a marketing graduates. Should be ready to do any field work assigned as well. Should have good Communication Skill and People Skill.


Rs. 5,000/-.